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6 alternative places in Almaty by day and by night

6 alternative places in Almaty by day and by night

In this article I would like to bring your attention to some places that have made the stay in the city of Almaty more interesting, fun and profitable; outside of the most popular tourist routes. From shopping not taken for granted, to walks through Gardens or in the city; up to advice on where to spend evenings.

6.Barakholka Bazar

Shops in Avtovka
Shops in Avtovka

All the guides certainly mention Zelyon Bazar as the shopping center for excellent . If you have more time, I suggest you take the bus number 120 and get off at the end of Rozabakieva street. There are three stops for Barakholka, just to let you know the size of the Bazar just outside the city. Even here you will find everything and more: in a maze of shops built on top of each other, just decide what you are interested in. In fact, you will find an area only for shoes, hats, furs, carpets, toys, do-it-yourself, hardware, stationery, electronics …

Why come here and do not go to the Zelyon Bazar? Simple; here it is cheaper and the choice is greater. You can also find branded shoes and clothes, those coming from China end up in our most expensive brand stores. There is the convenience in buying, both for the favorable exchange, both because the goods make less road.

Barakholka has been subjected repeatedly to fires by unscrupulous people, billionaires of large shopping centers willing to do anything to open their own chains in the area. The small shopkeepers, however, always managed to reopen their shop by rebuilding it a row further down the Bazar; what can be called a Kazakh Phoenix.

5.Avtovka Bazar

Also between Rozabakieva and Tole Bi, there is a large food Bazar called Avtovka. Many locals get supplies in this huge market, because the items are fresh and cheap. You will also find restaurant owners who come here to buy products for their kitchens; as whole crates of raw salmon. Fish, meat and dairy goods are of excellent quality, with local and Kyrgyz products. You can find Korean delicacies, like salads, tofu, fresh lagman, bean sprouts,  … Fruits and vegetables are present in great variety; once I even found my beloved radicchio (red salad), of Californian origin!

4.Karasay Batyr

In Almaty exists only a pedestrian street: Arbat; however I found a narrow road, parallel to Abaya, which cuts through the large tree-lined avenues and allows you to cross the center in a long and pleasant walk. Starting from Dostyk, Karasay Batyr stretches for many kilometers; I advise you to follow it up to the Esentai stream; between small and pleasant green gardens, modern or old buildings, night clubs and trendy hotels.

3.Botanical Garden
Zen Garden
Zen Garden

Between Timiriazov and Bayzakov avenues, the Almaty Botanical Garden is open from April to October. In the park there are thematic areas, such as the Japanese-style Zen Garden; wooded areas; rose gardens and wide flower beds; a Solarium where trees and cactuses are kept in warm. The indications on trees and plants are scarce; it is however a huge Park (more than 1kmq) where walking or cycling is particularly pleasant.
The Solarium is usually open only on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. There’s a ticket to enter (400 tenge).

Walking in the Botanical Garden
Walking in the Botanical Garden
2.Republic German Drama Theater

Created in 1975, the company of the German Drama Theater aimed to keep alive the language and culture in the local community of German origin. With the fall of the Soviet Union, many Germans are repatriated and the company’s goal has changed with the social evolution of the city. Since 1991 European artists have established continuous exchanges with the theater company of Almaty creating “a window on Europe” with experimental and cutting-edge performances.

So if you want to spend an alternative evening, check on the site of the theater which shows are in progress. The current company offers performances from both the classical and experimental repertoire; in Russian or German language. The performances were also performed in international theaters, including Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Brussels and Moscow.

1. Art i Shok Theater

Born in 2001, the Art i Shock Theater is the most innovative and independent in Kazakhstan. His representations are based on improvisation with the poetics of the theatrization of life, as well as on pantomancy and traditional theater. The company is young and international, it takes advantage of the collaboration of valid musicians who also organize here interesting concerts.
The company has acted on international stages in Central Asia, Russia and Europe, including the Piccolo in Milan. If you are a theater fan, you can not miss a show in this brilliant company. The program is located on their site.

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