Herring under the fur (Seliodka pod shubi).Central Asian kitchen

Herring under the fur (Seliodka pod shubi).Central Asian kitchen

Herring under the fur (Seliodka pod shubi).

Herring under the fur (Seliodka pod shubi).I cooked this special Russian salad for last New Years Eve, so I dedicate this recipe to Ventislava, who asked me how to make it. herring under the fur is a salad suitable for parties and composed of ingredients easily available in winter time. Little known, ideal as an appetizer; with this recipe you will certainly make a good impression, given that this dish was present on the aristocratic tables since two centenaryes ago!

Ingredients for 4 people

2 herrings

4 potatoes

2 carrots

1 large beetroot

1 onion

1 tube of mayonnaise

1 egg

Vinegar, sunflower oil, salt, pepper and parsley

Total preparation time: 5 hours     Working time: 1 hour


Peel the vegetables and boil them until cooked. Potatoes and carrots must be placed in a different  pot from the one used for beetroot, otherwise they will be colored with scarlet red. Let the vegetables rest and cool.

Boil an egg until it becomes firm and let it rest.

Ingredients and boiling
Ingredients and boiling

Marinate the raw herrings by dipping them in vinegar and oil in equal quantities for a couple of hours. If you do not find herrings, you can substitute them with fresh anchovies.

Finely chop the onion and dip it in water and vinegar for about 15 minutes. Raise and squeeze it. Arrange it in a large bowl, adding the herrings cut into coarse pieces. Mix with salt and pepper. This is the basis of our salad.

Marinated herrings, onions and the salad's base
Marinated herrings, onions and the salad’s base

Once cold, first grate the potatoes in a bowl and season with plenty of mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Arrange the potatoes over the herrings, crushing them to form a plain level. Grate the carrots now, repeating the same operation. On top of the carrot base, put thegrated beetroot also seasoned with mayonnaise.

Level by level
Level by level

Our fur is ready! Now shell the hard boiled egg, extract the yolk and grate it over the salad. Put the terrine in the fridge properly covered and let it rest for 4 hours. Once ready, season the salad with a pinch of chopped parsley.

Enjoy your meal!

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