Jodhpur e Jaisalmer, galleria

The wonderful blue city, Jodhpur. Galleria

Jodhpur is the second larger city in Rajasthan; after Jaipur, the capital of the region. Is called the blue city for the color of the houses inside the historical center. It is said that the blue color helps the keep down the heat; by the moment that the city is called also the “sun city” for its exposed position under the sun; the blue color should help the habitants t cool their houses.

Further the blue color is also related to the upper casta, the brahmins, who live close to the Mehrangarh Fort, the “Sun Fort”, built by the order of the Rathore dynasty ‘s ruler, Rao Jodha, in the XV centhury. The Fort rises up the city ‘s hill, 400-meter high, and it rapresents the center of touristic attraction; with its wonderful rooms that are carved with mosaic, frescoes and mirrors and balconies closed by fine grids inlaid with splendid floral decorations.

In the desert, Jaisalmer the beauty

On the way to Pakistan, in the middle of the Thar desert, laid the Golden city, Jaisalmer, a former crucial point for trading on the Silk Way with the West from the Medioeval period to the XIX century.

The wondeful Fort that protects the historical center rises up on the hill of the city; it was built by Bhati Rajput in the XII century. The dark yellow sandstone walls were protected by several towers which arrived at the number of 99 during the XVII century.

Inside the Fort is possible to visit old palaces called Haveli, for their balconies closed with intricate decorative carvings, typical of Rajasthan; also enriched with paintings, mosaics and museums. Moreover there are little and incredidible Jain temple full decored with dilwara style, ith the possibility to visit them only during lunch time.