Original Kuyrdak recipe; only for strong stomachs! Central Asian cuisine

Original Kuyrdak recipe; only for strong stomachs! Central Asian cuisine


I have mentioned several times how the Kazakhs are meat lovers; here is the original recipe of the Kuyrdak, which is prepared with the entrails of the ram. In class one of my students asked me: “Erica, have you ever eaten the Kuyrdak?” “No, what is it?” “It is a dish that is prepared with liver, heart and lungs; my favorite! “” If you invite me to your house, please do not cook it! ”

Recipes based on entrails are present in all the cuisines of the world (apart from the Hindu!). Even my grandmother, an Austrian farmer, was occasionally preparing tripe based on bovine entrails; not for us, while we were children. This dish is definitely too “extreme” for my tastes not used to such ingredients. So please forgive me if I do not place the photos, as I will not cook it; but I send you the link, where father and son prepare it together and you can see the various steps, as I describe them here later.

According to tradition, the Kuyrdak is prepared at the time of the young ram’s killing. While the man cleans and cuts the flesh of the beast just killed; the woman is busy using the entrails to prepare lunch. In Europe, the entrails of the ram are hardly available; I then describe the ingredients of the preparation with generic interior (if you really want to experiment the recipe, you can use the bovine entrails).

Ingredients for 4 people                                                                             Time: 1 hour

2 large onions

6 potatoes

200 grams of lard

200 grams of heart

400 grams of lungs

300 grams of liver

Sunflower oil; half a glass of red wine vinegar

Salt, black and red pepper as you like


Peel and cut the onions into slices and the potatoes into large pieces. Wash and cut the entrails into coarse pieces.

Put a thin layer of sunflower oil in the pan for stews and melt the lard. Add the onions and brown them.

Put the heart together into small pieces and sauté for 5 minutes. Add the potatoes and stir.

After few minutes put the lung cut into coarse pieces and cook everything  for a quarter of an hour. Add the liver now; mix by pouring half a glass of red wine vinegar, salt, black pepper and red pepper as you like.

Cook for another twenty minutes on low heat; stirring occasionally.

The Kuyrdak is ready; serve it warm and enjoy your meal!

For the original Bishbarmak recipe, click here.

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